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Before you begin, please note the following: This report should only be requested under the permissable Driver Privacy Protection Act Exemption which states you have written consent from the owner of the record to obtain this record. Please select one from the menu below.
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The 3 or 7 year reports will not show violations where adjudication has been withheld. For more information please visit the State's website here.
The 11 year report will show all violations on file with the State of Florida's DMV, without consideration to whether adjudication has been withheld or not. The 11 year report is also known as a complete driving record, including your entire Florida driving history on file at the time the order. For more information please visit the State's website here.
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* I understand that due to the Driver Privacy protection Act (DPPA), the driver name, street and mailing address will NOT appear in the report. The driver license number will be included in this report, which can be matched to your driver license. This is true for all vendors who provide driver transcripts. makes no statement as to the acceptance of this report for your intended use. Please check with your local DMV before making this request, if you intend to share this report with an out of state DMV office.
Click here to read information on the DPPA.
* I understand that if my driver license is not found in the State database for any reason (e.g. being mistyped in the form above, license has been expired for more than 6 months and is no longer in the State's system, etc.) that I will be charged for this inquiry.
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